We have spent the last 10 years sending equipment in a model that means it’s only the transport and logistics costs are involved.  This has meant that we’ve been able to send much needed equipment at a cost that is about 5% of the value of the equipment being sent –  if that makes sense.  It’s made it really valuable and helpful for the countries we’ve been working with. As Take My Hands has been going about its work we’ve noticed that one of the major barriers for our Pacific partners is funding and finance and like New Zealand, our Pacific partners are going through financially tight times as well with rising costs. 

Always a team to be looking for solutions, we’ve come up with one that we think solves a few problems at the same time.  A partnership between Take my Hands and Pacific Clean, that will not only help fund the work of Take my Hands, and reduce the cost for our Pacific partners,  but also provide access to a range of really great products that help improve infection control.

Pacific Clean is a brand of hard surface cleaners made specifically for businesses and organisations. The range includes environmentally friendly surface cleaners ideal for workspaces, work kitchen and work bathrooms.   There is also a brilliant floor and surface cleaner that has been tried and tested with great results in simultaneously killing germs, bacteria and viruses that works amazing well in the Pacific context.  

What all this means is that when someone uses a Pacific Clean product they are: using a high quality, competitively priced product; keeping our environment safe from harmful chemicals;  achieving some of the corporate environmental clean green goals increasingly being asked of our organisations and companies AND  they are contributing to global social good through much better healthcare in the Pacific. 

We think it a pretty clever solution to a few problems. 

Find out more by visiting https://pacific-clean.nz/