The following text is from the Leprosy Mission NZ and is being republished by Take My Hands

Dear Friend,

A giant earthquake has struck the central region of Nepal. This was followed by a powerful aftershock that hit the same area over the weekend. This is the worst earthquake since 1943 and it is feared that many thousands are dead and tens of thousands severely injured.

Please give now

The Leprosy Mission’s Anandaban Hospital is located close to the epicentre and has suffered major damage. Staff accommodation has been destroyed. Without homes, doctors and nurses are camping out in the open so that they can remain at the hospital caring for the many patients who desperately need help. We are grateful to God that no staff or patients have been hurt.
But the need is great. People are now pouring in to receive treatment for crush injuries, broken limbs, and lacerations.

Give to help our hospital cope with the demand.

The immediate priority is to help those injured in the earthquake.

The demand on the hospital is far greater than usual and although it is hard to give an accurate figure so soon after the disaster, we estimate your gift of $50 would provide an injured person arriving at the hospital with medical treatment and care for five days – five potentially life-saving days.

Early indications are that it will cost upwards of $200,000 to repair the damage to the buildings and re-house the nurses and doctors.

Shovakhar Kandel, the country leader for The Leprosy Mission Nepal says: “Our staff, despite the distress of losing their homes, are trying to help as many of the earthquake victims as we can in our hospital. We are planning to move all the patients to an open space with tents as the ground continues to shake with after-shocks. We value your prayers and support.”

Please pray for the hospital staff and the people of Nepal, and give as much as you can.
Brent Morgan,

Executive Director
The Leprosy Mission
New Zealand