In 2014 Take My Hands worked with a major corporate company that had rebranded. Through their rebranding they had massed thousands of t-shirts and polo shirts that were brand new but didn’t fit the new branding and colour scheme. Rather than dump them in landfill they chose to get in contact with TMH to see if we could help find a home for

them. Through the help of Rotary Waitakere we managed to get them up to Vanuatu. This week we found out and saw just how they had been used.

pic 1

The t-shirts have been used to support groups of locals in dire need of clothing especially to those in remote islands after the cyclone; some have been used by international doctors and an incentive for locals to get their health checked; some have been used by volunteers working on the recovery after the cyclone.

And its largely thanks to the Waitakere Rotary club and an amazing local Motel hostess working at the Vanuatu end. So thanks very much large corporate for thinking outside the box and getting in contact, thanks very much to Rotary Waitakere and Rotary Port Vila, and thanks very much Janelle the fantastic motel hostess. Great work!!

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Overall with Janelles help we have made excellent use of the shirts . On behalf of Rotary I would like to thank you for your help in achieving this excellent result. Regards

Kerry McMillan Waitakere Rotary